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MEAN Stack: an Informal Guide for beginners

Neeraj Jio
Over 10 years of experience in web tec.
Published on: 01 May 2019

If you are a student or beginner working or interested in Web Development, you may have heard the word Full Stack Web Development using MEAN stack, or, simply MEAN Stack.
MEAN Stack is a buzzword in the IT industry nowadays. People are crazy about this. Why? We shall discuss the ‘WHY’ in this article.



MEAN Stack is a combined short form for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular & Node.js. We can develop a full-fleshed application with these four technologies. These four technologies are enough for end-to-end development of a fully functional web application. We don’t have to use any other technology in general for a Complete Web Application Development. The good part is – we have to use JavaScript as a programming language for all server-side and client-side code. We do not need any other programming language.

The Traditional Way

As we know, most modern Web Applications has three main parts, Server-side Code, Database (the combination of both is said to be Back-end) & Client-side Code. The Client-Side Code has two parts, the UI & the logic. UI is designed with HTML & CSS and client-side logic has always been written in JavaScript. In fact, from the beginning, JavaScript was used as a Client-side Web Scripting Language. But on server-side logic, traditionally, we use some other technologies like PHP or Java or Ruby on Rails or Python or ASP.Net (and the list is too large to be written here), all of them are entirely different technologies from JavaScript. And, at last, the databases are a separate skill set.

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